About Us

We have been working as safety officers, managers, directors and consultants for over 20 years.  Eliminating, substituting. Engineering, Administrative Controls and finally PPE (personal protective equipment) are at the core of our safety values to prevent injuries and deaths throughout the United States and with our international clients.  Our Safety Professionals are currently working across multiple business sectors such as construction, manufacturing, medical, pharma, fleet, oil & gas, mining, food/ entertainment, and municipal government. Our core objective is safety. It seems simple although complex business and working environments pose great challenges in keeping workers safe and risk at a tolerable level.     

Though PPE being the “last on the list” of control measures, we see the effective use of properly selected PPE and other safety equipment preventing injuries everyday.  

PPE/product improvements have steadily increased with technology to increase protective features, comfort, style, ease of use.  With this, options are endless. As safety consultants we struggled ourselves working with PPE suppliers to recommend and procure the most effective  product.   

We made a decision to commit the time and effort to know the product as if we produce it ourselves.  Our commitment to product knowledge and current level of safety expertise lets us optimize your safety program to work effectively-  reduce and prevent injuries.