About Us

We have been working as safety officers, managers, directors and consultants for over 20 years.  Elimination, Substitution, Isolation, Engineering, Administrative Controls, and finally, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) comprise the very core of our safety values, as well as the hierarchical process by which we devise the solutions that prevent injuries and deaths for our clients, both in the United States, and internationally.  

Our Safety Professionals continue to work across multiple business sectors such as construction, manufacturing, medical, pharma, fleet, oil & gas, mining, food and entertainment, and municipal government. Regardless of the industry, our primary objective is safety – first, last, and always.  We understand the various environments within which our clients work and the challenges that often cause safety to be considered more burdensome than necessary.  We’ve made it our business to improve the practice of managing risk to keep our clients and their workers safe. 

Though PPE is at the bottom of the list of risk control measures, we continue to see the how the effective use of properly selected PPE and other safety equipment prevents injuries every day, especially as technology continues to advance in the production of protective equipment. Product improvements have steadily increased with technology to increase protective features, comfort, style, and ease of use for much of the PPE that workers use regularly across industries.  These days, options are endless and industry-specific variations are making it easier to customize equipment to make it safer and more practical for the worker to implement. 

As safety consultants, we have first-hand experience of the nearsightedness of PPE suppliers when trying to find the right safety products.

Therefore, we have made a concerted decision to commit the necessary time and effort to learn the products we procure, as if we produced them ourselves.  Our commitment to product knowledge and expertise in safety and risk management equips us to better equip our clients and to optimize their safety programs to prove more effective in reducing and preventing injuries.