Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Services

At Pointman Safety, our mission is to help our clients achieve regulatory and
environmental compliance, safeguarding both health and assets. We offer a diverse
range of environmental services designed to mitigate health and safety risks across
various settings, including commercial and residential buildings, as well as construction
and demolition sites. Our team comprises certified and state-licensed industrial
hygienists who also serve as building inspectors and designers, ensuring the highest
standards of safety and compliance.

Our comprehensive services are oriented towards enhancing the well-being of workers,
building occupants, and minimizing risk for our valued clients.

  • Asbestos Surveys
    • Why/When are they needed: Asbestos surveys are essential for a variety of reasons,
      including property transactions (Buy/Sell), renovations, demolitions, and hazardous
      material assessments. These surveys protect employees and workers and are crucial
      for developing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) plans.
  • Asbestos and Lead Abatement Support
    • Project Management: We provide comprehensive project management, including design,
      general contracting, and overall project coordination. Our services include site visits,
      scope determination, and collaboration with architects/engineers to deliver turnkey
    • Abatement Monitoring: Our team conducts onsite oversight of contractors, air sampling,
      and clearance sampling.
    • Designer Services: We offer abatement specifications, work plans, and coordination with
      regulatory authorities.
    • Contractor Selection/Bidding Services: We assist in developing scopes of work for
  • Abatement Work Plans
    • Abatement projects can be complex and may require deviations from existing regulations.
      We hold licenses as project designers, enabling us to create site-specific plans that are
      submitted and approved by State regulators. We also provide Alternate Work Plans (CT)
      and Non-Traditional Work Plans (MA), along with contractor work plans and specifications.
  • Water Intrusion and Mold Assessment
    • Our assessment services cover a wide range of needs, including identifying the source of
      water intrusion, delineating affected areas, and determining the extent of impact.
    • We conduct moisture mapping to assess initial loss and drying effectiveness.
    • Our services include infra-red camera assessments, mold assessments, and various
      sampling methods (spore trap, swap sampling, tape lifts).
    • We assist with contractor work plans and provide contractor oversight.
  • Indoor Air Quality
    • Our indoor air quality assessments encompass comfort parameters such as temperature,
      relative humidity, CO2 levels, and VOC monitoring, along with dust monitoring and
      addressing nuisance odors.
  • Worker Exposure Monitoring
    • We perform job hazard assessments to determine worker exposure risks. Our services
      include reviewing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to identify appropriate chemicals for testing.
    • We conduct monitoring and compare results to regulatory reference values, including
      OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL) and NIOSH Recommended Exposure Limits (REL).
    • Common contaminants we monitor for include silica, noise, metals, VOCs, and dust
      emissions during demolition or construction.
  • Radon Sampling
    • Radon is the second leading cause of cancer. We conduct air and water testing to
      determine the need for radon mitigation systems. Additionally, we assess the effectiveness
      of existing mitigation systems.
  • Lead in Drinking Water
    • We determine lead levels in water, crucial for buildings or homes where water is used for
  • TCLP (Waste Disposal) Sampling
    • Our services ensure that waste, including soil, water, and building materials, is characterized
      and meets the requirements for acceptance at receiving landfills.
  • PCB Sampling
    • We offer sampling services for paint, caulking, and PCB in the air.
  • Training Services
    • Our training services include Asbestos Awareness training (2-hour) and other hazard
      communication training services.
  • Personal Exposure Air Sampling (Lead, Hexavalent Chromium, Silica, etc.)
    • Our personal exposure air sampling services are designed to assess and monitor the
      presence of hazardous substances such as lead, hexavalent chromium, and silica in
      the workplace. We ensure that workers are not exposed to harmful levels of these
      substances, helping you maintain a safe and compliant environment.
  • Industrial Ventilation
    • Proper industrial ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.
      We offer industrial ventilation solutions that help control air quality, remove contaminants,
      and ensure the well-being of your employees. Our services include system design,
      installation, and monitoring.
  • Air monitoring during Excavation and Land Work Projects
    • When it comes to excavation and land work projects, air quality monitoring is crucial to
      safeguard the health of workers and nearby residents. We provide comprehensive air
      monitoring services to assess potential airborne hazards and take necessary precautions
      to mitigate risks.
  • Noise Exposure Surveys
    • Noise can be a significant occupational hazard. Our noise exposure surveys assess the
      level of noise in your workplace and help you comply with safety regulations. We
      identify potential hearing risks and recommend measures to protect the hearing health
      of your employees.
  • Mold and Moisture Surveys
    • Our mold and moisture surveys identify the presence of mold and excess moisture in
      your building or construction site. We use advanced techniques such as infra-red
      camera assessments and various sampling methods to pinpoint problem areas and
      provide guidance on remediation.
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
    • Ambient air monitoring is essential for evaluating outdoor air quality and its impact
      on your environment. We conduct ambient air monitoring to assess the presence of
      pollutants and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, promoting a healthier
      surrounding community.