Position available for a self-motivated, responsible, trustworthy safety professional for full and part time contract work. Must have excellent communication skills and comfortable with most technologies. Must be able to communicate and work well with client management teams and work crews.

Job Description:

  • Inspect jobsites to ensure Company EH&S Program and OSHA/EPA compliance.  Document inspections through safety management software.
  • Perform PPE hazard assessments for specific tasks, workers, and industry specific hazards.
  • Investigate and analyze bodily injury and property damage accidents, complete root cause investigations.
  • Coordinate safety meetings such as safety committees and service planning.
  • Act as a liaison with regulatory agencies for conflict resolution.
  • Perform and document field auditing and service visits.
  • Provide updated information to employees regarding EH&S requirements and changes within a clients safety program.
  • Develop safety training content. Develop toolbox talk content and deliver short form training in the field.
  • Deliver safety training in person and virtually.
  • OSHA record keeping and audits.
  • Experience in written safety program document management
  • Coordinate with PPE manufacturers to ensure end user information and resources are readily available and utilized
  • Perform PPE hazard assessments for specific tasks, workers, and industry specific hazards.
  • Recommend products to clients based on PPE hazard assessment programs.
  • Assist clients with technically PPE sourcing for specific hazards and industry.
  • Perform PPE cost benefit analysis within their current purchasing system.  
  • Establish and maintain relationships with clients purchasing manager and units. 
  • Cross sell Pointman safety services to all customers and opportunities.
  • Generate leads and conduct calls/virtual meetings with executives, owners, purchasers, company presidents, safety professionals, and other prospects
  • Identify/source leads through networking, referrals, and existing client opportunities.
  • Maintain relationships with vendors, clients, and prospects through in depth understanding of the Pointman Safety Protocol.

Resumes can be sent to jobs@pointmansafety.com