Risk Management Services

  • Proprietary Risk Profile Report
    • Once Pointman Safety has become embedded into your organization and we begin to
      implement safety initiatives, we start to gain valuable knowledge of your safety and risk
      management program. We take this data to develop our proprietary “Risk Profile
      Report”. This report highlights your safety and risk management program and can be
      used as a tool when working with insurance carriers to put your business in the best
      light possible to negotiate lower insurance premiums. These reports can also bring
      value when submitted to customers, construction project owners, or general
      contractors/construction managers as part of their prequalification process.
  • Insurance Placement (Property/Casualty/ Workers Comp)
    • Pointman Safety has strategic partnerships with the top insurance brokers in the
      country. We have experience placing property & casualty insurance for companies of all
      sizes. As a consulting client, we develop and have access to a great deal of information
      and data that can be used as leverage when negotiating insurance policies.
  • Risk Control Services
    • Risk Control Services help businesses understand and minimize their cost of risk. It helps
      them determine best methods for minimizing their cost of insurance, avoid/control the
      cost of accidents and injuries, and minimize the lost productivity that accidents cause.
      Pointman Safety Consultants and Risk Management Advisors work cohesively with your
      organization and insurance carriers to help manage risk. Our team can offer proactive
      recommendations to bolster your risk management program, or work with your team to
      respond to insurance carrier recommendations.
  • MOD Analysis & Consulting Services
    • A MOD (or an EMR) can have a major impact on your business. It has a direct
      correlation to how much you are paying in workers compensation insurance. An
      elevated MOD can also disqualify you from working for certain customers. Our process
      helps you gain control of your MOD. We take a deep dive into your current MOD by
      comparing it to your actual losses and payroll. We first confirm it’s accurate (the NCCI
      can certainly make errors when calculating your MOD). We then offer solutions to help
      lower your MOD.
  • Risk Assessment
    • Our risk assessment is an in-depth review of risk control policies and procedures
      compared to industry best practices. It is used to identify areas of strength and
      improvement opportunities and assists in the development of mutually agreed upon
      service action plans.
  • Captive Insurance Programs
    • Captive insurance programs are an excellent way for best in class businesses to
      take control of their insurance program and begin earning a return on their
      insurance premiums. Captive insurance programs have a huge upside, but they
      are only designed for businesses that take pride in their safety program. We help
      businesses get “captive ready” by assessing their safety program and providing
      solutions to make them best-in-class. Once you’re in a captive we help manage
      your risk management program to ensure it’s profitable and your maximining your
      opportunity for annual distributions. Businesses are seeing millions of their premium
      dollars returned to them by engaging Pointman Safety and becoming a captive
  • Subcontractor and Vendor Prequalification
    • In today’s litigious society, it’s imperative that businesses do their due diligence when
      hiring contractors, subcontractors and other vendor, especially when they come to work
      at their facility. Our team of safety professionals can help to prequalify these vendors.
      We work with your team to develop a prequalification process that’s tailored to your
      wants and needs.
  • Prequalification management – ISN, Highwire, Avetta, etc.
    • Construction Project Owners, Construction Managers and other corporations recognize
      the importance of hiring companies that work safely. Contractor prequalification
      providers help to make sure these corporations are connecting with safe, dependable
      companies that follow government regulations and best practices before being allowed
      to work at their work sites. The process of getting accepted and ensuring your
      compliance with the prequalification programs (such as ISNetworld® or Avetta™ can be
      a difficult and time consuming task. Pointman Safety has a team of safety professionals
      who are proficient in navigating these programs and getting you approved quickly. We
      can them monitor your account to ensure compliance and avoid any delays when you’re
      looking to get your crew working.