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Extended Training

Ever read the fine print? All product manufacturers require “User Training” to some degree. This holds true for PPE and safety equipment for good reason.. Miss use the product, and it may result in an amputation, chemical burn, respiratory disease, falls…. The list goes on. 

PPE and safety equipment instructions can be vague or extremely specific depending on the manufacturer.  That leaves a lot of room for error at the end user. 

Pointman Safety believes in truly understanding the hazard and then pairing the most effective equipment.  This is done through hazard assessment but the message must be communicated in a language and relatable tone. Our training team has over 20 years experience providing safety training to all levels of employees. 

Additional training at reduced price for Pointman Customers. Web based training and periodic open enrollment classes are available.   

OSHA 10 hour Construction 

OSHA 30 hour Construction 

OSHA 10 hour General Industry

OSHA 30 hour General industry

How to prepare for an OSHA Inspection

OSHA citation review 

OSHA record keeping 

Accident Investigation 

Hazard Identification for Supervisor

OSHA (general industry) required training.  

·         Emergency action plans and fire prevention (employers with 11 or more employees)

·         Power platforms, manlifts

·         Hazardous Materials / Hazard Communication (including GHS- Globally Harmonized System)

·         Silica

·         Personal protective equipment

·         Respiratory protection

·         Material handling – forklifts

·         Welding, cutting

·         Electrical 

OSHA (construction) required training.

·         Hazard Communication (including GHS- Globally Harmonized System)

·         Personal protective equipment

·         Tools- hand and power, welding/ cutting

·         Electrical

·         Scaffolding (user, erector/ dismantlers, competent person

·         Aerial lifts – boom, scissor

·         Mobile equipment- lulls, forklifts

·         Fall protection

·         Ladders

·         Cranes

·         Qualified rigging and signal persons

·         Excavations; competent person

·         Respirable crystalline silica

·         Confined space in construction

FMCSA Training 

·         Familiarization with FMCSR- Classroom

·         Pre-trip / DVIR- Classroom and hands on demonstration

·         Hours of Service

·         Mechanic level 1 Inspection

·         Reasonable suspicion training for supervisors